SizeGenetics Review: [Updated 2021]

Let’s not forget the importance of man’s penis size which they do everything to improve, See How SizeGenetics Device can Improve your Life!

While muscular physique and perfect abs are a dream of every man, the real truth behind the man’s strength is its manhood. There are many men who have solid physique and six pack abs, but they have faced rejections in relationships due to their smaller penis sizes. If you are one of those who have never paid attention to this aspect of your growth, or have already struggling to fight it, this Sizegenetics review is absolutely perfect for you.

Most of the men do researches at their own and try their hands on some natural methods to increase their dick size; however, the efforts usually go in vain. Keeping in view the struggles of such peeps, we have come up with the detailed and unbiased review of SizeGenetics penis extender.

Starting with SizeGenetics Introduction


Since past many years, SizeGenetics has bagged up immense popularity among the men’s circle.

There is a wide range of penis pumps available in the market. However, it has been proved by different reviews that penis extenders work far better than penis pumps. The main reason for which penis extenders are considered more beneficial than pumps is it always comes with some long-term advantages. Besides that, penis extenders can be used or wore for the long hours.

The working mechanism of SizeGenetics is nothing artificial, as it follows the process of muscle building. Just like you have to exercise for long hours and do weight training to build up your bicep; in the same way SizeGenetics works for your penis muscles. With the use of traction, the penis is stretched and you will be able to observe some great results that you have always dreamt for.

In this era, SizeGenetics is undoubtedly considered as a scientific penis traction device, which cannot only enlarge the length of the penis, but also improves its girth with the regular usage.

To know more details about SizeGenetics and its usage along with its benefits, check out our detailed review about it below:

Penis length is the reason for inner sexual satisfaction and many pills and drugs are running this very concept.

Can you believe pills can be effective than penis extenders? I tell you why they wouldn’t be…

Because penis extenders work according to the scientific details where stretching conveys certain remarkable benefits.

SizeGenetics comes as a replacement tool for men who are considering for penis invasive surgery. It increases the length and girth of a penis and this fact is still approved for 2020 users.

The ideal time to wear it is for 8 months after which you will notice your penis extraterrestrial! 

Sizegenetics Review [2021 Updated]

SizeGenetics puts mechanical traction force on the penis which generates an increase of about 2.5-7.5cm in about 8-12 months. 

sizegenetics extender for sale

If you are struggling to improve your penis size and are looking for a reputed product for penis elongation, SizeGenetics is the right choice.

SizeGenetics penis extender is listed among the top products dedicated to penis extension. This product was introduced back in the year 1995, and since then it is gaining popularity in the market. Since the past two decades, SizeGenetics is successfully helping thousands of users and its popularity is booming in the market.

SizeGenetics is the first penis extender in the US which is approved by the FDA.

The best thing about SizeGenetics is, it is released after conducting different clinical tests to make sure about its reliability. Due to its good reputation, SizeGenetics is also recommended by most reputed doctors to many men to improve their manhood and increase the size of their penis.

Though, there is no standard measurement for a penis, but usually the right size is considered the one that actually offers desired satisfaction to the partner. Keeping in view the importance of sexual life, the length of penis is considered as the prime requirement.

Thanks to the invention of SizeGenetics that works by the principle of penis traction technique. Though, most of the penis extenders works on the same technique with elongation bars, but SizeGenetics is certainly distinguished among the hoard due to its unmatched design profile showering comfort, performance, efficiency, and utility compared to other market competitors.

To understand the product better, you have to read our complete review about SizeGenetics and its working.

This extender works in the same way as bodybuilders used to buff up any other muscle of the body. When a constant load of tension or work is given to any muscle in your body, it eventually helps in expanding the tissue cells that results in micro tears. Despite of the powerful functionality, the device has a good comfort system.


SizeGenetics is an absolute blessing for the men, who wants to increase their penis size without undergoing any medications or using any harmful penis enhancement supplements. It is a right choice for you if you are serious about changing your sexual life. Following are the some of the pros of SizeGenetics that are important for our readers to know:

  • SizeGenetics is endorsed by famous plastic surgeons and physicians.
  • It is approved by the medical community for therapeutic applications.
  • It helps in increasing the penis size by up to 2 inches in length and 1.2 inches in girth.
  • It offers a whopping double money back guarantee, which actually makes it more trustworthy.
  • The device of SizeGenetics comes with 3M comfort plaster to secure the traction device.
  • The users can enjoy the permanent result of penis enhancement with 6 months of usage as recommended.
  • The advanced technology and ergonomic design will fit the SizeGenetics device under the pants without creating any bulge.

Following are few cons associated with SizeGenetics penis extender that we would like to mention in our review:

  • It will take at least months to show up the visible results.
  • Some users may experience the redness on the penis during initial use.

Moreover, if you are in search of an authentic, FDA approved and one of the strongest penis extenders, then you have to end your search right here, as SizeGenetics is an absolute choice.

This product is known as the most user friendly and comfortable penis extender that works for of the users. With its proven methodology and advance design, you can surely add some extra length to your penis. SizeGenetics has been popular from past years and has offered thousands of users a boosted manhood and powered up confidence levels. With regular usage of SizeGenetics over the recommended period of time, you can regain your lost confidence.

As a product, this device is remarkably designed and has various accessories that have several users. The company offers four penis extension device packs for users. You can choose the one that suits best according to your requirements.

Also, SizeGenetics is completely approved by medical authorities, including the FDA that makes it absolutely safe to use.

The same purpose applies to bodybuilding where men gain muscle mass after stretching their body for a specific amount of time. As you create more flesh on the biceps, a similar thing is done by the SizeGenetics on the male penis. [clinical trials]

Penis extenders are the real deal when you want to increase the dick size, it is not because of their price but the way you put them on for a long period.

Instead of getting penis pumps that consume fewer times, it is always recommended to choose Penis Extenders since they have definite outcomes.

When you look at the reviews about SizeGenetics, most users have noticed the addition of 1.5 cm over 1 month only. 

The only way you could maintain those results is to keep using the penis extender for at least 6 months.

The results after using the best penis extender for a short time usually disappear where permanent results require consistency and dedication.

Benefits of SizeGenetics Penis Extender

While there are many benefits associated with SizeGenetics penis extender, we would like to mention some noticeable ones for our readers.

Different users observed and experience different benefits by using SizeGenetics. However, some of the generalized benefits of SizeGenetics are listed below:

Natural enhancement of Penis Size

One of the most obvious benefits of using SizeGenetics is the natural enhancement of penis size. Most of the users experience this benefit within the second month of using SizeGenetics. You will notice a slight increase in your penis length and some positive results in the size.

Comfortable Equipment

One of the major benefits of SizeGenetics is the comfortable equipmemt with excellent quality. As per the manufacturer, they have used all the top quality manufacturing materials in the design of SizeGenetics from the top end vendors. For this reason, the overall quality of the penis extender equipment is enhanced. You would not feel any sort of discomfort while using this amazing penis extender.

Safe and Easy to Use

Another noticeable benefit of using SizeGenetics is its safe and easy to use design. For using regularly, the safety of using a penis extender is the primary concern while designing it. The SizeGenetics penis extender will never hurt your penis. With its comfortable and safe design, you will be able to easily wear it for 6 to 7 hours and conveniently take it off whenever you want. Also, SizeGenetics is very easy to use and remove while you need to use the washroom.

Quick Results

Keeping in view the great features and wonderful reviews by the users, another important benefit of SizeGenetics penis extender is its offering of quick results. Within few weeks of regular use, it can bring positive changes in your penis size and girth.

How SizeGenetics Works?

SizeGenetics is a perfectly designed penis extender that offers great results with good comfort.

The working methodology of SizeGenetics is based on the proven concept of muscle traction. The manufacturers have implemented the natural muscle traction method to work around on this device so that it will be easy to use.

Due to its amazing results and smart methodology, SizeGenetics is considered as one of the most trusted devices when it comes to enhancing the length of the penis.

According to the manufacturer, when the weight is lifted by the muscle, there is a microscopic tear that happens. After that, the natural defense mechanism in our body reacts and heals the tear.

This response of body will ultimately help the muscle grow in length while making it firmer, as the penis muscle will hold more blood than before. As a result of the whole process, the muscle is enhanced. This is the similar procedure that is followed by any other muscle as well.

The working of SizeGenetics is basically a simple understanding of human anatomy to increase the penis size. SizeGenetics focuses on the corpora cavernosa that is a part of your penis. It contains a whole network of blood vessels that are responsible for making it harder and creating the powerful penile erections.

When you will put the device over your penis, it will give a firm and gentle support to your penile tissues including the blood vessels. Later, the cells present in the corpora cavernosa split and pull away.

All this is an outcome of the slow stretching of your penis. Now the cells become loaded with blood supply. As the blood vessels in your penis brings in mote quantity of blood than before, the erection becomes stronger and harder with an increased size.

When you keep on increasing the tension of the focused region, you will obtain better and quicker effects.

When you will start wearing the SizeGenetic device for the recommended period of time and apply a little stretching, there will be a microscopic tears created. The healing process of these tears will ultimately enhance your penis size.

With a gentle stretching and regular use of SizeGenetics, you will be able to achieve the results that you have always longed for. The mechanism of SizeGenetics is totally trust worthy and is clinically proven.

The same technique of penis enlargement was developed from the ancient era where stretching considered beneficial for elongating the body parts. [clinical studies]

SizeGenetics on the other hand also rectify the bend penis shape and straighten curved penis syndrome which is too common these days. 

SizeGenetics applies traction force on the main chamber of the penis called Corpora Cavernosa, this will cause the splitting of cells and replication is enhanced to make new healthier cells.

As a result, more cells are formed and each of them contains a vast amount of blood to make the cock hard for a long period. 

Using penis extenders for longer makes this growth permanent this adds maximum length to the penis length.

To prove this effect, a study was conducted by the Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery where a group of the patient was tested by the SizeGenetics device; the result was a 30% increment in the penis size. 

On another brighter size, the bend penis syndrome was corrected by 60% which helps a lot in sexual intercourse. 

SizeGenetics, therefore, considered a registered treatment for micro-penis and Peyronies disease. SizeGenetic system comes with a set of penis enlargement exercise which can increase the penis size up to 4 inches. 

SizeGenetics Features: What’s inside it?

The SizeGenetics penis extender has a long track record of popularity among users.

Since all these years, the manufacturers are focusing on perfecting their design to build one of the most beneficial and precisely engineered penis extenders in the market today.

When it comes to discussing about the main features of SizeGenetics device, the manufacturers make sure that the price you pay for their penis extenders is worth every penny you had spent on.

Over the past many years, SizeGenetics has proudly 50,000+ satisfied users around the globe. Some of the main features of SizeGenetics design are the following:

  • They offer 58-way comfort usage with the ultimate system package.
  • The traction can distribute a safe 2800 gm of force which will give enough tension to the penis tissue.
  • The SizeGenetics device is clinically proven and scientifically studied before designing and finalizing the product.
  • The device also features a 1 and 2 inches elongation bar for accommodating bigger penis sizes.
  • The design also offers a multi-directional angling (MDA) headpiece to assist in adding comfort for a daily basis usage.
  • It offers a 3M comfort pads to cushion the penis.
  • The whole device comes in a luxury leather case and the user will also get a travel bag along with a lock and key facility with the ultimate system.

SizeGenetics Results – What results can you expect from SizeGenetics?

Sizegenetics Results

The SizeGenetics penis extender is an absolute engineered marvel that are designed to deliver the promised result.

All you have to do is to follow the instructions as mentioned. According to the clinical studies, the constant traction of 2800 gm is quite enough to induce micro tears and associated cell proliferation.

So it is obvious to expect a size change within a few weeks of usage. Within 3 to 4 weeks minimum of using SizeGenetics regularly, the users have noticed a great improvement.

From different studies, it has been noticed that a 15% increment was seen within just 8 weeks of using SizeGenetices, which in turn means an increment of 19% in 16 weeks, 24% in 20 weeks and 30% increase within a span of 24 weeks.

Moreover, SizeGenetics is a type 1 medical device used for fixing the incurvate penis caused due to the Peyronie’s disease. Using SizeGenetics is not like any limited physiotherapeutic application, but in fact it has been extensively recommended by the doctors to address various anatomical anomalies and problems with a penis.

Does SizeGenetics give permanent results?

There is a happy news for you, as the SizeGenetics penis extension devices offer permanent results. Stretching forms fresh cells in the corpora cavernose that will stay even when you don’t use the extender device.

How to Use SizeGenetics?

This product is very easy to use and should be worn for a few hours a day. It is recommended to wear the SizeGenetics device for 6 to 8 hours a day.

It’s not necessary to wear it continuously, and you can take a break in between. In one week, you can take at least one day off from SizeGenetics.

The elongation bars provided with the SizeGenetics should be adjusted properly. While wearing SizeGenetics, always make sure that your penis is feeling the tension. Within few days, you will get all settled with the usage.

The results of SizeGenetics mainly depend on the amount of hours you are using it for. SizeGenetics contains an elongation bar with the highest length of 10 inches.

If you want to conceal the device when you are at home, you can wear looser and more comfortable clothes.

The resting phase for 1-2 days is required when the user feels the tension developing inside the penis or penis irritation. [references]

Usually, beginners feel the discomfort which would take a week to get used to. It is prerequisites to adjust the length of the elongation bars first before using the extender.

It has been noted by many users that the longer you use the SizeGenetics penis extender, the faster and more results you will see. 

Every SizeGenetics packages come with a DVD that contains all the instructions about how to use the product.

Here is how to use the SizeGenetics penis extender to get the best results. 

  • Place your penis on the base of the ring.
  • Adjust and install the extension bars
  • Insert the penis into the head of the device and make sure it’s completely in.
  • Using tapes on the straps if necessary
  • Adjust and confirm that you have the right comfortable size fit
  • Start applying SizeGenetics slowly, make sure you use it for an hour maximum in the first days. The male penis muscles take some time to get used to this force. 
  • Under loose clothes, it is completely normal to use the device while doing the chores. You can use it while you are sleeping. 
SizeGenetics Loading Time

The device of SizeGenetics has a loading time of six weeks. Initially, you have to use the penis traction device for six hours a day.

The constant usage of SizeGenetics will provide you with quicker and effective results.

About Penis Extender Safety – Is it Safe to Use?

Before buying or getting to SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement System, you can search on your behalf about the best ways to increase penis size. [4]

How to Fix a Curved Penis

Over the past 2 decades, the manufacturers of SizeGenetics have gathered the suggestions and feedback from customers and have tried their level best in resolving hundreds of minor and major issues related to design aspects to make the device a perfect penis extender.

The whole hard work by the company has earned them a European CE Health stamp, which makes SizeGenetics a certified medical type 1 device used for physiotherapeutic application by doctors.

Moreover, adding comfort to the design is also one of the priority and it is clinically tested and proven product which will eliminate all the risks of injuries on its usage.

The materials used in the SizeGenetics design are all medical grade and skin friendly. Also, the user-friendly design allows you to comfortably secure the penis into the traction device, thus making it easier for hanging around.

Also, the product doesn’t hamper any of your daily life activities like sexual intercourse, urination, etc. It is recommended not to put on SizeGenetics traction device when you are sleeping, as it wouldn’t work as you change the sides while sleeping.

The number of men is increasing rapidly who wants to have their cock size enhanced.

This being said, millions of men are dreaming about a long dick and ways they can use it on girls. Everyone here is seeking a safe and effective way which is so hard to find these days. 

Normally, there will be thousands of results coming claims to rapidly provide results and make your dick look bigger, well don’t trust them. 

And even if you do, never stop comparing the products with the best one in the market.

Most of the penis enlargement pills being sold are false and provide no sane result, the fact most people started acknowledging the importance of penis traction exercises, more people are referring penis extenders because of their true efficacy. 

What Comes with SizeGenetics Penis Extender?

The while SizeGenetics package is unlike the cheap quality penis pumps and extender that usually comes with spare parts. 

The package of SizeGenetics extender comes with fully top quality and important things such as DVD about how to perform penis exercises, sex improving tips with additional parts.

You could always order the spare parts of SizeGenetics from the official site, in case if you lose the ones that came with the first purchase. 

SizeGenetics is a unanimous brand that offers consumers a generous 6 months money-back guarantee.

This is just to ensure if the user hasn’t got the results in 6 months, he could use the refund policy and cash out! 

SizeGenetics Benefits
does sizegenetics really work reviews

SizeGenetics is a premium penis extender which worth a buy, according to most users.

The device can deliver permanent results with the most suitable pricing options.

You could get bonuses from the official site, get a discreet packaging and of course most importantly get a large size penis. 

What makes SizeGenetics best are the following points.

  • FDA approved, medically certified device
  • Affects penis size, sexual performance, and fertility
  • Provide official penis health DVD for penis enlargement exercises
  • High-quality material
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • 6-months money-back guarantee

Useful Tips to Get SizeGenetics Best Results

Do you want to get the most out of the SizeGenetics system? Here is how you would do that…

  • Always read the instructions before using the extender, it is very easy to use and instructions provide more safety.
  • Wear SizeGenetics Penis Extender as much as possible, start with 1 hour and after a few weeks, you could use it as long as you want.
  • Never increase the stretching force before the time, some users feel excited and for achieving the best results they increase the stretch to upper levels which is not safe.
  • Do not expect the results in a few days or week, or do not feel tired after the first few weeks simply because it’s not working. 
  • Ideally speaking, you should use SizeGenetics for at least 5 months to see the first few results. These will be slightly un-bend penis curve with additional girth. 
Which SizeGenetics Edition is The Best?

The value edition of SizeGenetics is the cheapest version which only comes with the extender and an instructional DVD.

The included things are:

  • Standard parts
  • Comfort cushion
  • Elongation bars
  • Strap

These parts can provide extreme comfort to the beginners, but as you approach the advanced level where the powerful stretch occurs, you might want to look at other versions of SizeGenetics. 

That was the one for those who cannot afford the Advanced Comfort or Ultimate System by SizeGenetics which in the long term save you cash and provide the best results.

The top models of the SizeGenetics are made of quality materials with maximum user comfort. 

Is SizeGenetics Effective Penis Extender?

The company which makes SizeGenetics patent has over 2 decades of experience in the penis enlargement industry.

You could call at their customer care number and they will answer right away, their tradition to provide excellent customer support is not the only thing they are good at. [studies references]

The prime concern for the company is to offer men around the world the safest way to increase penis size. After this, efficacy comes which over thousands of satisfied cases have reported. 

One of the best things about SizeGenetics is the CE stamp which is a mark of a medically approved device by the European Health Authorities.

This ensures both the safety and efficacy in a single package. Proctologists and urologists around the world consider SizeGenetics the best device for rectifying sexual problems. 

Where to Buy SizeGenetics?

how to use sizegenetics effectively

You can easily order SizeGenetics from their official website.

When you will visit the official site, you will see their different packages and deals with great discounts so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Following are some of the popular packages that you will see on its official website:

Package 1: SizeGenetics Ultimate System is available at the price of $299.95. You can save $200 from original cost. This deal is the best package as it comes with a multi-head piece for fixing all the other parts as well as head beds. With this, you can expect less friction along with reduced lock in the penis head. It is the most comfortable choice and is ideal if you are planning for long-term use.

Package 2: SizeGenetics Value Edition is available at the price of $249.95. You can save $150 from original cost. It is the best choice if you are not concerned about budget.

Package 3: SizeGenetics Value Edition is available at the price of $199.95. You can save $75 from its original cost. This package consists of a DVD and a stretcher. It also comes with a default strap, comfort pad, and elongation bars. This package is perfect for the initial stage.

Package 4: SizeGenetics Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition is available at the price of $299.95. You can save $200 from the original cost.

The best part of purchasing SizeGenetics is its double money back guarantee. The jaw-dropping money back guarantee is different from the usual, as with SizeGenetics Ultimate System you can get up to 180 days of risk-free period.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you just need to contact the customer support center to return the product.

Final Words about SizeGenetics

Among a large number of penis extenders available in the market, SizeGenetics is certainly a show stealer because of its effective results.

Buy Sizegenetics online from the official website

We recommend the users to use the Ultimate System version which is a great value for your money. 

Instead of going through expensive surgical procedures or using the harmful penis enhancement supplements, it is an ideal step to choose SizeGenetics. With this penis extender device, you can get a longer penis and regain your lost confidence in bed.

With our review, it is evident that SizeGenetics is an exceptional traction device that is backed up by medical professionals. It is absolutely safe and easier to use, which makes it a total positive decision. Overall, it is a genuinely effective product with a decent price tag.

Penis Extenders have been nominated for the best micro-penis treatment for over the years.

When it comes to buying the best penis extenders the first question users ask whether it works or not?

The facts about SizeGenetics are pointing us towards the glorified victory where men are happy with their increased dick size, as it already happens with SizeGenetics users.

The Company provides an easy and generous 6 months money-back guarantee which gives you the liberty to try this product for free. 

SizeGenetics has many versions available for you to try but it’s safe to stick with the best one.


Q1: Who Cannot Use SizeGenetics Penis Extender?

There are no contraindications with SizeGenetics use as it is completely safe for men. But those who are under 18 and above 70 years are not encouraged to use SizeGenetics. It is also not recommended for men with mental disorders to wear this device. 

Q2: How soon will I see the first results?

The first result appears at the end of 3rd month but this doesn’t mean you should stop using SizeGenetics Penis Extender. It is important to use extender daily for 6-8 months. 

Q3: Is SizeGenetics safety clinically tested?

Both the safety and effectiveness of SizeGenetics have been tested in the clinical trials. After the months of applications, most men have successfully developed a thicker and longer dick with firm controls over their erection and ejaculation. 

Q4: What is the email ID to contact the SizeGenetics Company?

The email of the company is You can reach the company and found further details on their products.