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SizeGenetics GNC – Can I Buy Penis Extenders at GNC Store?

How many of you know about the penis extender device? Not every man heard of SizeGenetics unless they feel the dire need for something extra. Penis extenders device is the innovation of the future that takes your sexual climax and performance to the next level. 

Heard of kegel exercises online? You can say SizeGenetics helps men perform kegel exercise more efficiently which of course has tons of benefits on sexual health. 

Now, how many of you heard about SizeGenetics at GNC, not so much and whoever heard about it heard utter bullshit. 

There are several things you must understand before buying SizeGenetics Online 

What is SizeGenetics?

Sizegenetics GNC penis extender

SizeGenetics is a scientifically proven penis enlargement device that puts your health in no danger. Users of SizeGenetics found they have grown their penis size, both length and girth wise within a scale of months.

Penis extension methods have been approved by many medical authorities and this brings us to SizeGenetics GNC, which is an FDA-approved device that men find safe to enlarge penis size. 

How do SizeGenetics Penis Extenders work?

There is not only one type of SizeGenetic device but many. Each of the devices is designed to perform a certain function, like the SizeGenetics Curvature and Peyronie’s edition used by men with bent penis syndrome.

There are more latest editions of SizeGenetic that works by:

“Improving blood supply to the penis and transform those little sponges into bigger ones as a result of blood supply. The traction and stretching mechanism on daily basis keep the penile cells fuller and hence achieving permanent elongated size. 

SizeGenetics GNC devices are to be worn on the penis, scientifically it is proven to split the cells present in Corpus Cavernosa.

When this happens, men usually find their erections much harder, stronger, and long-lasting. This is also good to stay focused during sex esp at times like when you are about to ejaculate prematurely. 

Is SizeGenetics the Best GNC OTC Penis Extender?

Over the years, SizeGenetics showed that it’s better than many penis extenders available online for bigger penis and higher stamina during sex.

Buy GNC Penis extender

SizeGenetics is the very reason for most men that finds penis enlargement an utterly splendid method. You wouldn’t only get a bigger penis but loads of cum to carry inside and more performance under the sheet. 

The best penis extenders at GNC are not comparable to SizeGenetics, the premium grade material and additional comfort accessories make it the best one in the penis enlargement market. 

What Results Can You Expect? SizeGenetics Results Review

SizeGenetics is a product of enhanced bio-medical engineering which is built for improving male penis size and the way it performs. You only have to use it as directed by the physician and the manufacturer. 

SizeGenetics results are summarized in the various study, one of the studies says that putting around 2,800 grams of traction force is enough for micro-tearing and cellular proliferation. Users of SizeGenetics expects the size augmentation within 4 weeks. 

SizeGenetics use is confirmed to bestow additional size to the penis as users tend to use it for more than 8 weeks. Around 15% of size increment is observed when you use SizeGenetics for 8 weeks and it can go to 19% in 16 weeks. Using SizeGenetics for more than 24 weeks could increase by 34% of the penis size.

As a medical device, the old-fashioned use of penis extender is for penis curvature rectification or in other words for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. You can use SizeGenetics for different penis related conditions, apart from penile fracture.

SizeGenetics GNC Benefits

None of the GNC related penis extenders are worthy enough because they don’t offer the same benefits as SizeGenetics.

Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease (Bend or curved penis)

  • Increases blood supply to the penis, best for performance
  • Improved curvature
  • Bigger size penis with an extraordinary thickness
  • Safe, comfy, and easy to use
  • Better stamina to stay longer in bed
  • Flaccid penis looks bigger

Are SizeGenetics Results Permanent?

Since no drugs are involved and it’s almost the same as bodybuilding for the penis. The results of SizeGenetics are permanent, even after the penis extender use is stopped. There is once again the importance of some physical activities which you may perform to keep those results unchanged. 

The reason why SizeGenetics results are permanent because of the muscle-building phenomenon.

Sizegenetics penis extender results

The same thing applied to the penis tissues as they get change over a long period. Some medical conditions which can affect SizeGenetics results are penile shrinkage, testicular shrinkage, or prostate enlargement. 

Note, SizeGenetics is a helpful device for various prostate disorders so you can use it without any fear. 

SizeGenetics How to Use

Every SizeGenetics penis extender device is easy to use. You should start by putting the extender device over the penis and fix it with the comforting pad.

For the first 6 weeks, users must put on the device for 5-6 hours daily while they are using it. 

Stretching the penis side by side is helpful to overcome fatigue if occurred any. After using SizeGenetics for 6 weeks you could start wearing it for a short time.

After 6 weeks you will notice a significant amount of growth in both length and girth wise.

Where to Buy SizeGenetics?

We have seen there are no traces for SizeGenetics at GNC, the penis extender is only available for order at the official site.

order Sizegenetics online

Even GNC authorities deny selling SizeGenetics in their real and virtual stores. 

Buying SizeGenetics like products from GNC isn’t possible either since they don’t deal with medical devices like this. 

Does GNC Sell SizeGenetics Penis Extender?

The sad news isn’t that SizeGenetics is not available at GNC, even more, the sad news is hearing that it cannot be found at any retail stores that you name.

This involves Amazon and Walmart on the list. Make sure to not buy any lookalike penis extenders because of the extreme danger. 

Why Ordering SizeGenetics at GNC a Bad Idea?

You are attempting to buying a counterfeit product or device if you choose GNC to buy SizeGenetics.

One thing it’s not available at GNC as some people say, plus the advice of the manufacturer to the normal public is to visit their online page to get SizeGenetics as many reasonable rates. 

There isn’t any place other than the official web for SizeGenetics that deals with the top-rated penis extender of 2020. 

SizeGenetics Pricing

SizeGenetics official website offers 100% SSL Secured Shopping Platform which accepts a different kind of payment methods.

The top-selling and authentic penis extenders offered by SizeGenetics are listed below. 

  1. Value Edition: The cost of this Value Edition is $199.95. It’s an affordable start for the penis enlargement journey. 
  2. Comfort Package: Men who want guaranteed results will find Comfort Package useful. At only $249.95 in which you will get extra comfort accessories. 
  3. Christmas- Ultimate System + Zestra: Offering this package at $299.95 price. 
  4. Curvature & Peyronie’s Package: Offers an awaited and long-lasting solution to men with bend penis, for only $299.99. 
How SizeGenetics is Better than SizeGenetics GNC and Other Penis Extenders?

One of the prime factors about the original SizeGenetics Penis Extender is the premium quality material that makes it feel like a costly device. 

Buy sizegenetics online from the official website

Another thing to consider while comparing SizeGenetics to SizeGenetics GNC, the GNC version won’t give you proof about their penis enlargement device like SizeGenetics does. 

The official website fully shows that SizeGenetics has been subjected by one of the outclass Specialists in General Health and Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D is the mind behind SizeGenetics who published various studies about the relationship between traction method and penis size. His initial studies were about the following subjects.

  •  Non-Surgical Penile Elongation
  •  Surgical Penile Enlargement Elongation and thickening
  •  Combination of surgical lengthening and postoperative penile traction
  •  Peyronie’s Disease and Hypospadias

With this essential information you will understand about his device and what effects could it produce to help you go through the extreme sexual climax.

Clinically, men with small penis found SizeGenetics effective and this isn’t going with increased penis size only. A lot of them experienced the never-ending stamina which they never happened to experience before, after all, “Great Size Comes with Great Functionalities!” 

SizeGenetics GNC Summary

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Making it simpler, SizeGenetics doesn’t apply pharmaceutical grade chemicals to perform the penis enlargement but a sole mechanical device that works according to the laws of muscle building.

Size indeed matters a lot when it comes to having the unforgettable sex of your life, normal-sized dicks are of no value if you talk about satisfying females right on the spot. You need a bigger gun to accomplish her bigger fetishes or sexual desires. 

SizeGenetics within 4 weeks offer you a bigger and thicker penis with pre-loaded stamina which is the only thing women desire in bed. 

For now, and forever, the place to purchase SizeGenetics will always remain the official site that gives you SizeGenetics at an easy price. 

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