SizeGenetics Results Then & Now 60 Days Exposed Pics

There is no shame in admitting you got a small penis, of course, it gives you a plethora of options to work on it. Our penis size is never troublesome for ladies but there is a size after which you begin to enthrall the sexual encounters more often.

small penis

You ever got an expression from her that says “Don’t stop” or “It never felt like this before”? Sure we men want that like anything else but with average penis size, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

How Did I Heard about SizeGenetics?

When I heard about SizeGenetics permanent lifetime enlargement, I knew I found the best penis extender there is. And why not? After all, thousands of men recommend SizeGenetics for what it really is. These permanent results can be cherished for a lifetime and to understand it properly, I dived into SizeGenetics theory and how it works.

SizeGenetics Results

I heard about SizeGenetics results reddit online and eventually came across to some men nearby me who ordered this device and got 15-20% penis size enhancement.

My Experience with SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement device that is becoming the highlighted one because of its effectiveness. Among the top-ranked penis devices, SizeGenetics is on the top which allowed men with a micropenis to regain their confidence back.

About SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics website launched the first device in 2001, ever since it’s been sold as a type 1 medical device which has a clinical factor involved with penis enlargement. This is called the stretching method based on which SizeGenetics is approved by the FDA and so far regarded as the best extender for adding extra length and girth to your penis.

Reasons to Choose SizeGenetics Extender

There are so many size extenders available in the market but why did I choose SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics Extender

Personally speaking, I chose comfort over anything and SizeGenetics is the most comfortable extender to wear. If you want to know important things about this penile extender, know that it works as long as you are wearing one, secondly how much tension you provide will determine the speed of the results.

My SizeGenetics Results after 60 Days

Sizegenetics Review Results

I have seen men gaining 2 inches in a course of 7-8 months but for me, I had a little bit of shortage of time. Not that I couldn’t use SizeGenetics for 10 months or so but I was getting married in nearly 2 months.

SizeGenetics gave me a boost from 4.4 inches to 6.5 inches in a matter of 2 months. My dick length in 2 weeks was remarkably increased around 5% and this went to beyond 15% after the 8th week. It’s a sort of kegel exercise that keeps your penis full of blood supply and endless orgasm that you seek.

SizeGenetics will also be an important device to improve the girth of your penis. For those who may not know, 60% of the satisfaction rate is because of the penis girth, and with SizeGenetics you could really work on that. My girth was improved by up to 10% and it was worth a shot.

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

Penis extenders are merely used to stretch the penis muscles for a longer period. This force will indeed promote the cellular division inside the penis and continuous traction could improve the size and make it much wider. For cell division to occur, you must wear a SizeGenetics extender for at least 2-3 months.

How to Assemble SizeGenetics Device?

Assembling the SizeGenetics device is a big deal than using it. When you learn how to assemble the penis extender there isn’t much of about using them.

  • So, the first step is to take Spring Bars and insert Tension Springs into them. Now, screw the spring bars into the extender front.
  • Choose elongation bar, now this is a little bit tricky because usually, you would use Elongation Bars that fit your penis size. After doing it, screw them too into the end of spring bars.
  • Elongation bars should have an Extender Base attached to them. This can be done by adjusting the wheel in a clockwise position.

Lastly, you should attach the Comfort Strap to the extender front and you are good to go. There are online videos guiding users on how to use assemble SizeGenetics and it really helped me.

How to Choose the Right Size Elongation Bar?

The elongation bar actually determines how long the penis extender and this will also provide the maximum room for the penis for the traction process. What size bars should you choose depends on the size of your penis.

  • Penis size of 3.15 inches- 3.9 inches, there should be no elongation bar used in the device.
  • If your penis size is 3.9 in- 4.7 inches, there is a 1 ½ cm bar for you.
  • For penis size ranges 4.7 inches – 5.9 inches, use the 3 cm bar.
  • 5 cm bar is used for penis size 5.9 in – 6.7 inches.

Using more than one bar is recommended if your penis size is more than 6.7 inches. For me, I had to use a 3cm bar and this brought me amazing before and after results.

How to Use SizeGenetics Extender?

Here is how you use SizeGenetics in 2021 for proper penis enlargement.

Take your extender out and the one end of the comfort strap should be put in the front part of the extender while the other end hangs.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review

Placing the base ring is the important part, this should be placed around your penis by gentle press towards the body. The other end of the comfort strap (which was hanging for now) through the hole and makes the strap tightly around your penis. This should be just below the glans. I used different comfort options so pick anyone comfortable for you.

With two wheels, start adjusting the traction by moving them clockwise for more traction. There is a clear indication for traction force on the hexagon bars for every 300g of traction force.

SizeGenetics Results – Benefits in 60 Days

There are benefits to using SizeGenetics that you can find easily. Besides using the penis pumps and medications, SizeGenetics only use can improve the size and performance capacity of the penis.

Remarkably, these are the benefits that SizeGenetics could provide.

  • A non-invasive method for penis enlargement
  • Premium quality material
  • Top-rated manufacturer
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Best results i.e. stronger erection, bigger size, and girth
  • Improves sexual satisfaction
  • Boost confidence
  • Provide a money-back guarantee when the device won’t work

How Much Money You have to pay for SizeGenetics?

You can try different packages of SizeGenetics which are available on the official website. I purchased it somewhere between May 13th and I could see these 4 packages.

  1. The Value Edition which is for normal penis enlargement as an alternative to invasive surgery, the price for this package is $199.95.
  2. SizeGenetics Comfort edition can reach $249.95.
  3. Ultimate System of SizeGenetics is considered the best option, available for $299.95.
  4. Curvature and Peyronie’s EDITION is for repairing the bend curvature of the penis. SizeGenetics type 1 medical device is available for $299.95.

The discount codes on SizeGenetics official website are applicable which you can also use, this code is SIZE10 to Get 10% off.

How’s the Sex Life now with SizeGenetics?

As I was saying, I am married happily now with almost double the power I had before. Speaking of sex, there are some moments I and my partner shared that we are going to cherish maybe forever. And if it wasn’t for SizeGenetics, the sexual encounters would be more shallow than filling.

With a bigger size, you could do so many amazing things, satisfying a woman is the primary thing but letting her beg for more is something

I only felt when I had a big size D!

Can you Buy SizeGenetics in Stores?

You can find limited numbers of SizeGenetics devices at Amazon but beware of the 3rd party users. The easiest and safe way for me to buy SizeGenetics was the official website which has tons of information about the product itself with hundreds of live customers’ views about it.

2 Month SizeGenetics Results- What Do I Have to Say At last?

There is no point for judgment here anymore since my personal experience with SizeGenetics went satisfactory like millions of men around the world. The best thing about this device is it has no side effects and you will only get a huge size penis.

More than that, SizeGenetics obeys the laws of traction method which is a clinically proven way for penis enlargement. I wouldn’t say SizeGenetics gave me a staggering size, 1.2 inches size increment is way more than you can imagine! The secret is you have to learn to use it too.

With great size, comes great controllability and SizeGenetics Results is all about allowing you to seize the moment.