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SizeGenetics Walmart – Can You Buy SizeGenetics at Walmart? (Answers)

Males who are in dire need of a large penis because the current size isn’t sufficient for their partners, here is what reading about SizeGenetics Walmart would help you with. 

Forget the penis enhancement pills at Walmart, the new dawn of modern science brought so many successful innovations in which Penis Extenders are the one.

About SizeGenetics Walmart and What It Can Do?

Normally, there aren’t any device like SizeGenetics because it has been dubbed as Type1 Medical Device.

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The device itself is a penis traction device that puts a considerable amount of tension on the cellular structure of the penis and while it’s stretching it continuously, users will get definite results. 

It’s not like wearing penis pumps for half an hour or so, wearing SizeGenetics is easier but it requires 2-3 hours of your time daily.

The design of SizeGenetics is according to your outfit so you can wear it under the clothes. 

SizeGenetics is an FDA approved device, the traction method has been approved by the FDA and other health communities for many years.

The same type of extenders is available by different names i.e Phallosan Forte, X4 Labs Extender, etc but SizeGenetics stays at the top because of no harm intended to the users, plus the medical device rectifies the curvature of the penis which is good for men with Peyronies disease. 

SizeGenetics Walmart – How It Works?


The “Stretching” technique is what makes SizeGenetics an effective tool to increase penis size. Once you wear the extender, you will receive several stretching impulses causing the breakage of cells in the penis.

These cells then repair themselves with an increased size that gradually increases the size of the penis. Cytokinesis is an important aspect to remember while learning about SizeGenetics, it’s like bodybuilding to your penis or resistance training where penis tissues become thicker and elongated. 

SizeGenetics noticeably improves the blood supply down to the groin region that results in a better and bigger erection.

Men will perform like a wide and long hurricane once they get to finish 2nd week with SizeGenetics. 

SizeGenetics Walmart vs Other Penis Extenders

There are many reasons to take SizeGenetics as the ideal penis extender, because of the following factors. 

SizeGenetics is medically approved by the FDA which means it is made of a safer material. This question is generally normal because men have to put this device on their penis for more than 100 hours. 

SizeGenetics review Reddit is satisfied and many are endorsing the after-effects. 

It’s a comfortable-to-wear penis extender that comes with an extra padding system that provides maximum comfort to the users. 

SizeGenetics is the only penis extender online that comes with a money-back guarantee to the customers. 

How to Use/Wear SizeGenetics Extender?

Walmart doesn’t guide you to wear the penis extender which they might or might not be supplying. One of the important things to remember is how to use SizeGenetics accurately because unless you wear the device correctly you can’t find it working on the penis. 

SizeGenetics instructions to wear and use will narrow down the pinpoints you need to cover for effective penis enlargement.

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These tips helped millions of men make this journey comfortable by using maximum traction force for the best results.

  • The first thing SizeGenetics users need to do is measuring the penis. This means the flaccid penis, not the erect one, this way it will be easier to choose between the elongation bars provided in the box. SizeGenetics device assembly comes with many elongation bars, you need to set the device to 1cm longer than the full size of the flaccid penis. For example, if your flaccid penis size is 13 cm you have to set the SizeGenetics device to 14. Assessing the flaccid penis length is mandatory to wear the device comfortably. 
  • Insert the flaccid penis through the basal ring, ensure the ring is at the bottom under the penis. 
  • As the basal ring is located against the pelvic region, you need to use one hand to hold the device and by the other hand pull your penis to its maximum non-erect length. The correct measurement of the flaccid penis length is slightly longer than the device’s setting. 
  • There is a silicone tube or comfort strap through which you should feed the head of the penis. On the other hand, you are holding the device with, tighten the comfort strap at the penis glands located behind. This is the stage where you will find the flaccid penis fully outstretched, at this point no tension should be applied. 
  • Remover your hands as the SizeGenetics is holding the flaccid penis while it’s marginally stretched. If by any chance you forgot to adjust the penis to its fully stretched natural flaccid length or the extender starts giving you intense stretch, it is recommended to remove the device and minimize the length of the extension rods. 
  • The final stage of SizeGenetics instructions is where you will create traction. This will pull the penis beyond its natural flaccid length to a certain period, this process will stretch the penis which will work from inside and outside while correcting its curvature. The traction is operated with your both hand’s thumb and index finger by turning both nuts in to the inward direction. While rotating the nuts you will feel the tension building, this is the stage where you need to keep rotating the nuts until you reach the 3rd mark. The third mark means you are at 1,200 grams of tension force, REMOVE the device if you feel any pain or discomfort. If not, continue rotating the nuts unless you reached the 2nd mark which is 2,000 grams’ tension. The last tension force some men could reach up to is 2,800 grams. 
SizeGenetics Benefits 

It’s normal to ask questions about something which is new in the market.

You can search for the penis extender devices legality which will direct you to medical-related pages where hundreds of studies are proving SizeGenetics like devices medically safe and effective.

You don’t label something as a type 1 medical-grade device unless it’s efficient and safer to use. 

SizeGenetics benefits to the users are listed below. 

  • Penis enlargement (length more than 2 inches while girth size 1.5 inches’ increase noticed)
  • Clinically approved device with a medical certificate
  • Improved sexual stamina and orgasm intensity
  • Permanent penis growth
  • Endorsed by doctors worldwide
  • Safe to use
  • Men with a curved penis can use SizeGenetics to rectify penis shape

Where to Buy SizeGenetics Device?

SizeGenetics future users should beware of the false and fake penis extender devices.

Make sure you order SizeGenetics from its original location which is the official site by the manufacturer. Using fake penis extenders is harmful to reproductive health. 

Why Shouldn’t You Buy SizeGenetics from Walmart?
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Your experience of buying SizeGenetics from Walmart will be different than buying from the official site in terms of:

Pricing: If pricing matters to you in real, then seeking penis extenders at Walmart, GNC or Amazon isn’t a good idea at all! You can waste all your money on something that isn’t even monitored and regulated by the laws.

The official site however delivers the same medical-grade material device to your doorstep without letting you down in terms of quality and pricing. As the new year is nearing, there are discounts available on SizeGenetics purchases. 

Privacy: Any sophisticated man would never buy Penis Extender from a public store, knowing many people definitely judge.

Moreover, it’s not a good idea to purchase while you are with your friends and family. Ordering SizeGenetics from an official manufacturer will come in discreet packaging right at your doorsteps which means a lot to some people.

Things like privacy failure won’t be an issue when you purchase SizeGenetics directly. 

Is SizeGenetics Walmart Available with Online Retailers?

Online retailers like GNC, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and many others DO NOT sell SizeGenetics.

If you wish, you can purchase the used SizeGenetics models from eBay users who sell them at double the price.

Considering the filth and over-price burden attached to the product, you don’t want to get your hands dirty when the easiest way is right in front of you. 

Summary – Should You Order SizeGenetics from Walmart?

NO-Not at All! SizeGenetics is a unique type of medical device which has multiple benefits attached to it. Going to a medium-level penis extender would be a fair choice but comparing the risks vs benefits ratio, you ought to purchase SizeGenetics from the official website

The device has everything you want, a longer and thicker penis with the ability to delay the orgasm, utter confidence in bed, and much-elevated sex drive in men. It’s not possible that you could get side effects from SizeGenetics unless you have been diagnosed with a penile fracture. 

In case of any emergency about the pricing, shipment, or delivery you could simply contact the manufacturer of SizeGenetics which is available 24/7. 

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